Perfectly perfect development environment

20 Oct, 2021

Shh: A CLI password manager

14 Oct, 2021

Ruuter: a tiny, zero-dependency HTTP router

3 Oct, 2021


Data oriented static site generator?!

7 Sep, 2021

A contentEditable, pasted garbage and caret placement walk into a pub

22 Jul, 2021 • Popular

Writing Node.js applications in Clojure and using NPM packages

26 Jun, 2021

Browsers decode images differently

19 Jun, 2021 • Popular

Series of PNG's and no Canvas that fits

6 Jun, 2021


I'm Asko, a full-stack Clojurian. I work at Fluent as a senior software engineer, and on my free time I like to create open source software.

You can find me on Twitter and via e-mail for all the long-form prose. If you'd like to talk shop feel free get in touch. I'm currently in Buenos Aires, Argentina and always down for a beer.